Sarah Drummond
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Books written and illustrated by Sarah Drummond 
Raven and the Red Ball
Published by Pomegranate Press, Aug. 2013. 

This wordless pictorial storybook chronicles the adventures of a black lab and a raven on a snowy day. Although marketed for children, the whimsical humor of this story resonates with viewers of all ages. Available from local bookstores, directly from the publisher, and online sellers such as
Island of Dreams
Written by Dan Boothby, cover art by Sarah Drummond
Published by Pan MacMillan, UK, Sept. 2015

Island of Dreams is about Dan Boothby's time living on a tiny island in northern Scotland and the natural and human history that surrounded him; it's about the people he meets and the stories they tell, and about his engagement with this remote landscape, including the otters that inhabit it. Interspersed with Boothby's own story is a quest to better understand the mysterious Gavin Maxwell, author of Ring of Bright Water, who once also inhabited the island.

Available in local bookstores, directly from the publisher, and online sellers such as

A Southeast Alaska Sketchbook
published by Blurb Books, 2015. 

This collection of sketchbook pages and paintings spans several years of artistic observation in southeast Alaska. From the grand scale of glaciers and ice-sculpted cliffs to the minutiae of a mossy forest floor, these images invite the viewer to share the artist's feelings of awe and wonder, privilege and responsibility toward Alaska's magnificent wilderness.

Available from the publisher here